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Camp Activities

Fun in the Sun at Camp Leo!

Camp Leo is all about helping our campers have a great time. We have activities for kids with all different interests, from arts and crafts to putt-putt golf, fishing and crabbing.

Enjoying the wonders of nature and the joy of the sea is a huge part of the Camp Leo experience. Our campers visit the beach or swim in a pool every day. Whether they’re learning more about nature or improving their swimming skills, our campers are having a great time! (And don’t worry: we always have contingency plans in place in case Mother Nature doesn't want to cooperate with our original idea.)

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the many activities our campers can enjoy below. 

Ways Our Campers Have Fun

These are just some of our daily activities:

• Water Slide  • Putt-Putt Golf  • Swimming  • Beach Walks  • Sailing  • Fishing and Crabbing • Kayaking
• Crafts  • Basketball  • Scuba Diving  • Games  • Music & DJs  • Sing-Along with Greg Russell at Harbour Town 
• Vagabond Cruise  • Awards Banquet  • Talent Shows

If you think your visually-impaired child would enjoy these activities, we urge you to sign him or her up today!
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